Top Ten Secrets Of A Stylish Women

To look stylish is an art, seriously! For some, it’s an inborn talent. For others, they may have to do a bit of struggle to achieve an outstanding look. Fashion-forward gals! If you’re also wondering why some girls always look effortlessly chic and more stylish than you, then a unique set of secrets of a

15 Styling Tips And Tricks For Petite Women

Having a petite body frame is a sweet-bitter experience for many. Sometimes, they get complimented for being petite and dainty, and at other times, they are considered a deviation from the mannequin norm. But then one thing you will surely agree to is that when you have a petite body, your fashion choices have to

12 Bloggers Fashion Tips To Look Skinny

If you have ever witnessed runway fashion, you must have, at least once in your life, felt like looking as skinny as those gorgeous Italian models look. Well, a skinny body comes straight from heaven. No bargains! And with so much of amazing food everywhere, it’s indeed a challenge for a lot of women to

40 Attractive Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Women in 2020

Tattoos are so popular these days, that almost all youngsters get them done. And why not! Tattoos have the capability to transform one’s personality almost entirely. They add that much-needed spark to one’s persona. Hence, if you want to look cool and sexy at the same time, then you can definitely tread the tattoo route.

12 Wardrobe Items You Can Pair with Anything

To make your wardrobe more functional, you need multifunctional clothes. You certainly don’t need a peplum top or a pair of gladiators, which you can match with only selected clothing items. Having said that, we don’t mean these items are a strict no-no for your wardrobe. All we mean is that you can always buy

40 Exotic Korean Street Fashion Outfit Ideas

If you have seen even one Koran movie in your life, then you probably have an idea of the kind of fashion Koreans follow. It’s classy and funky at the same time. It’s strange how something so classy could look so funky. But it seems Korean fashion designers know their trade well. Nevertheless, that’s not

Hide Your Tummy: 10 Useful Fashion Tips

We all have a little fat sitting around the belly. This doesn’t seem to be a problem unless and until someone points it out. Once it begins to attract people’s attention, it is no more a tiny problem. If you too have a bulky tummy which you want to hide, then there are certain magic

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